Are Granite Countertops OK to Use in the Bathroom?

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Choosing the right material for your bathroom countertops can elevate the look of the room. Granite is a natural stone option that works well as a kitchen countertop, but is it a good choice for a bathroom countertop material?

Discover why granite countertops are a smart choice for your bathroom and how to care for it properly, so it retains its stunning appearance.

What is Granite?

In its raw form, granite is an intrusive igneous rock formed from molten lava that has solidified under the earth’s crust. Granite is made up of individual minerals visible to the naked eye, creating attractive colors and patterns with a coarse texture.

The variety of colors in granite is due to the different minerals, such as mica, amphibole, quartz, and feldspar, that crystallize during the cooling process.

Overview of Granite Countertops

One of the primary uses for granite is turning raw granite slabs into countertops for residential and commercial spaces. Polished granite is smooth and durable and makes for an appealing visual when used as a countertop in modern bathrooms and kitchens.

It is preferable to other materials like tile or laminate because of its strength and natural stone appearance.

Granite countertops are most commonly installed in the kitchen because they are easy to clean and scratch and stain-resistant. Your kitchen’s granite countertops are built to withstand all types of liquids and sharp-edged tools, making them an excellent option over soapstone, marble, or laminate.

Engineered granite, such as quartz countertops or granite marble, is slightly different from natural granite. These offer a similar look but are not natural stones and therefore do not have the same unique quality as granite. Motor City Granite & Cabinets offers engineered granite as an affordable, low-maintenance option to natural granite countertops.

Why Granite Countertops Work Well in the Bathroom

Despite granite’s top-tier performance in the kitchen, people are sometimes hesitant about using granite in the bathroom. This may be due to the potentially high installation cost of granite countertops and the fact they require sealing to work in a wet environment.

However, there are several reasons why granite countertops are an excellent choice for bathroom counters. These include their easy-to-clean surface, appearance, and moisture resistance when sealed by a professional installer like Motor City Granite & Cabinets.

Resistant to chipping and scratching

Granite is known for its scratch and chip-resistant toughness. Granite is a rock hardened by years in the earth’s surface, making it an extremely durable material. It takes specialized tools to cut and shape raw granite slabs into countertops, so you can rest assured that nothing you do can damage the granite material beneath your countertop’s sealant.

One-of-a-kind aesthetic

Granite is a natural stone made of unique patterns of minerals. No two granite pieces are exactly alike. This means that your granite countertop is a one-of-a-kind piece that gives your bathroom a unique look.

Motor City Granite & Cabinets offers a wide variety of granite countertops and backsplashes with unique veining and colors to add depth and visual interest to your bathroom.

Easy to clean

Granite countertops in the bathroom are easy to clean. You can occasionally use mild dish soap to clean your countertops. However, a special stone cleaner and soft microfiber cloth work best to clean dust, dirt, or substances from your granite bathroom countertop.

Resistant to moisture, heat, and stains

When sealed, granite is resistant to heat, stains, and moisture. This makes granite an ideal material for the bathroom, where the bathroom vanity and counters are frequently exposed to water and steam. You won’t need to worry about your countertop discoloration due to water damage or becoming stained by toiletry products as long as you have it sealed every year.

Value-add feature

Granite countertops are a value-added feature for your home. According to Homelight, granite countertops are preferred by homebuyers, and the right pattern, color, and style can justify a higher asking price if you sell your home.

Granite bathroom countertops modernize the space and provide value to you and your family in terms of comfort and aesthetic luxury, even if you don’t plan to sell.

How to Care for Your Granite Countertops

If you choose to have granite countertops installed in your bathroom, it is essential to care for them properly. Although granite is extremely durable and stain-resistant, there are actions you can take to keep them in good shape.

The following are helpful do’s and don’ts for caring for granite countertops.


  • Clean your granite countertops with a soft cloth
  • Use a special stone cleaner over chemicals or dish soap
  • Blot up spills as soon as possible, especially oily products
  • Store toiletries on a separate shelf or in a container with a bottom


  • Use harsh cleaners like bleach, glass cleaner, or degreaser on your countertops
  • Use bathroom cleaners meant for tile, grout, or bathtubs on your countertops
  • Sit on your countertop as they can crack from the unevenly distributed weight

In addition to regular cleaning and care, it is necessary to have your granite countertops resealed every year. Granite on its own is slightly porous, which can create problems with bacteria or mold if moisture gets trapped under a cracked sealant. As long as you take care of your granite countertops and have a professional team seal them each year, they should last you for several years.

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Granite Countertops for Your Bathroom and Beyond

If you are looking for a durable, moisture-resistant countertop for your bathroom, granite is an excellent option. Motor City Granite & Cabinets offers design and installation services for custom-made cultured marble and granite countertops for your home. We specialize in countertops and cabinetry for bathrooms, kitchens, and custom rooms in your home.

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