How to Choose Custom Bathroom Cabinets

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Adding new custom cabinetry to a bathroom can radically update its look and make it a much more pleasant space. While you can buy premade or standard cabinetry, every bathroom is different, and standard cabinets and vanities might not fit the precise dimensions of your bathroom.

Choosing custom cabinets for your home allows you to create the bathroom of your dreams on a scale that matches the available space. Choosing custom cabinets can be a daunting process, from countless designs to the different materials available.

Here is a guide to walk you through the steps before speaking to a qualified, experienced custom cabinet provider like Motor City Granite & Cabinets.

Measure Your Space

Before you can design your new bathroom and pick out your style of cabinets, you need to understand what size space you are working with. You must carefully measure the length, width, and height of your bathroom walls, and map out the space, mainly where water pipes and drains are located.

With this in mind, the standard size of a bathroom vanity top is 31’’ high, 17-24” deep, and between 24-60’’ wide, depending on whether it is a single or double vanity. Custom cabinetry allows for bespoke sizes in 3’’ increments to ensure your new cabinets fit. Check for door swing clearance to ensure all your new cabinets can open easily without obstructing walking areas or bumping into anything.

Choose Your Layout

Once you know how large your bathroom is, you can work with a qualified cabinetry professional like the experts at Motor City Granite & Cabinets to choose the right bathroom layout.

Some things like the placement of your sink, toilet, or shower, will be difficult to move due to existing water pipes. Also, many cities have codes for the distance between electrical sockets and toilets, typically 30’’, and distances between toilets, tubs/showers, and sinks. Ensure your home conforms to all regulations.

Take some time to consider how you use your current bathroom. Determine if it will be used as a guest bathroom, a powder room, or a master bathroom. Try to understand your current use patterns and see what changes or arrangements could be made to make your movements more efficient and have everything you need in easy reach when you need it.

Decide on Sinks and Storage

One of the most crucial decisions is deciding the number of sinks and the cabinet square footage. Twin bathroom sinks have become common in many bathrooms nationwide, but many feel they are unnecessary. The extra cost is often a regret among those who have recently renovated their bathroom.

Consider how you use your sinks and how much counter space you have. While there is no minimum distance needed between sinks, the average sink basin is 18’’-24’’ inches wide, requiring a minimum countertop width of 36’’-48’’.

There is no single rule for how much storage your bathroom will need. Consider how many people will be using the bathroom, how much storage you have in other parts of your home, and what you usually prefer to keep in your bathroom.

Some families only need space for a few towels and medicine; others may need more. An excellent way to increase your storage space is with recessed mirrored cabinets. Drawers on the lower cabinets are another efficient way to organize your bathroom supplies.

Choose a Style

Once you’ve worked out the technical details, the fun part of choosing custom bathroom cabinets can begin. You can have open shelving or closed, a vanity cabinet or a wall-mounted vanity, double sinks, or single.

Custom cabinetry, like the cabinets available from Motor City Granite & Cabinets, allows you to have exactly what you want in the style and color of your choosing.

It is important to remember that your home is also an investment and that some styles age better and add more value to your home than others. Granite or quartz countertops and classic white cabinetry offer a timeless look that appeals to numerous buyers.

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Choose Your Materials and Finishes

Cabinets can be made from different materials, but investing in high-quality materials like solid wood gives your cabinets a longer lifespan and prevents water damage and warping.

Motor City Granite & Cabinet experts can help you choose gorgeous finishes like oak alder, maple, quarter-sawn oak, and hickory to complete your cabinets’ look and create the ideal aesthetic in your bathroom. These finishes protect your cabinets from the high humidity environment of a bathroom while adding style and color.

Pick a Countertop and Fixtures

A natural stone countertop made from a single or engineered piece of stone is a luxurious and practical bathroom countertop. Motor City Granite & Cabinets offers numerous types of high-quality stone, allowing you to choose from gorgeous rocks like quartz, granite, quartzite, or engineered quartz. These stones come in various colors and patterns and are available at many price points.

The last step is to combine your stone countertop with functional, long-lasting fixtures like Blanco Silgranit Sinks and Delta fixtures. Blanco Silgranit Sinks are stylish, deep, scratch resistant, and easy to clean.

Delta fixtures are some of the best faucets on the market with patented technologies like Spot Shield, Touch2O, Voice IQ, and Spray Shield, which make the sinks durable, easy to use, and stylish.

Motor City Granite & Cabinets is Your Source for Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Whether you want to add custom vanities to your bathroom, upgrade a small bathroom, or add storage space or countertop space, a bathroom designer from Motor City Granite & Cabinets can help you design the perfect custom bathroom cabinets for your home. Contact us today at (248) 690-9537 to learn more.