How to Install a Bathroom Sink on a Granite Countertop


Granite countertops are a popular addition to a bathroom remodel, and this luxury stone can increase your home’s appeal to buyers if you are placing your house on the market. However, granite counters pose a challenge when it comes to installing bathroom sinks. Granite cannot be patched or recut if you make a mistake with the sink installation. At almost twice the price per square foot than many other countertop materials like solid Corian or porcelain, this can end up being a costly home renovation mistake.

Hiring professional contractors from Motor City Granite & Cabinets to install a bathroom sink in your granite countertop can help save you money long-term and recoup your investment when you sell. But it is important to understand the installation process so you can make your dream bathroom a reality.

Choosing a Sink

Bathroom sinks come in many styles and materials. Drop-in sinks are a traditional choice, and vessel sinks add visual interest, while undermount sinks add a contemporary feel.


Vessel sinks sit on top of the counter and require holes outside the sink basin for the drain and faucet. You can find vessel sinks in porcelain, copper, glass, or stainless steel materials. They make a great focal point in your bathroom design.



Undermount sinks offer clean lines and easy cleaning. They look great in a modern bathroom but can also work with other styles like farmhouse or traditional. You commonly see them in porcelain but can find them in copper or stainless steel.

You can choose between negative and positive reveal models; positive reveal sinks are easier to install, but negative reveal sinks don’t develop a grimy buildup and are easier to clean.

At Motor City Granite & Cabinets, we stock stunning Blanco Silgranit sinks. They’re deep, comfortable to use and give your bathroom a luxurious finish. Blanco sinks are available in single or double configuration and in undermount or apron models to suit your style.


Drop-in sinks have a rim that sits above the counter to support the sink’s weight and mounting bolts underneath to prevent movement. You can find drop-in sinks that look similar to vessel sinks to give your bathrooms a sleek, architectural feel.

Installation Process

While sinks can be installed on granite countertops, you have to know the process, tools required, and techniques that offer the best results.

Measuring and cutting

Measuring your cutouts is the most critical step in the process. You can’t patch granite if you make a mistake. Look at the installation instructions that came with the faucet for a template. If you are using an undermount sink, you will need to polish the granite edges after the cut.

Know where the faucet will be located. A drop-in sink may already feature pre-cut holes for the faucet, but undermount and vessel sinks require holes in the countertop or wall, depending on your faucet style.

To get a clean cut, cover the surface with masking tape and mark your lines with a marker because pencil marks can be challenging to see.

If necessary, you can use an angle grinder for larger cutouts and properly sized diamond drill bits to drill the holes for the faucet.

Silicone adhesive

Silicone provides adhesion between the sink and countertop and guards against leaks. It also prevents mold and bacterial growth from occurring under the sink and between the sink and the granite countertop.

Run a bead of silicone caulk around the edge of the sink, where it will contact the countertop to attach it to the counter. For an undermount bathroom sink, you need to support the weight while the silicone sealant dries to prevent the seal from breaking.

Attach mounting clips

You attach the mounting hardware underneath the counter when installing a drop-in sink. Put some weight on the sink from above to eliminate any air bubbles in the silicone adhesive. Use a matching caulk color around the sink for a cohesive look.

If you’re installing an undermount sink, use two-part epoxy to attach the bolt stems to the bottom of the counter at even intervals and let dry for ten minutes.

Next, attach the other part of the clip to the sink rim next to the bolt stems so that the clip can slip over the stem. Let dry for ten minutes.

Finally, connect the two pieces and hand-tighten, finishing with a wrench without overtightening. Wait 24 hours, and then connect the drain.

How Can Motor City Granite & Cabinets Help?

Hiring professional installers at Motor City Granite & Cabinets ensures that your sink installation is completed quickly and professionally to deliver the best results. We have years of experience installing everything from drop-in bathroom sinks to undermount kitchen sinks. We offer custom design services; a wide variety of cabinets, countertops, and hardware; and installation services.

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