How to Use Kitchen Cabinets in Other Spaces at Home

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Kitchen cabinets and drawers are excellent for keeping all your kitchen essentials organized and within easy reach. Consider using kitchen cabinetry if you have other areas in your home where you can use organization and easy access.

Cabinets are a great storage solution and design feature in dining spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, home offices, and even living rooms.

Kitchen Cabinets in the Dining Room

If you have a small kitchen that needs more storage space, extend your kitchen cabinetry to the dining room. Since the two areas are in the same proximity, it is best to use the same kitchen cabinet style and color scheme. Slight color variations, like going from white to light blue, segment an open floor plan without sacrificing the cohesiveness of the space.

Use base cabinets rather than a heavy sideboard or buffet to provide storage space and more counter space in the dining room. This keeps your dining room feeling spacious, especially if you use neutral-colored or glass doors for the cabinets.

Using cabinets to create banquette seating is another unique use of kitchen cabinets in the dining room. Banquet-style seating is bench seating that uses walls as its backrest to create a booth-style dining room space.

Use base cabinets with cushions as seating to create a storage solution and seating flex space. These cabinets are hard to access, so they should store oversized items that you do not frequently use, like large kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Cabinets in Bedrooms

Kitchen cabinets can store clothing in the bedroom, display commonly used accessories like watches and jewelry, or even serve as a vanity.

Use base cabinets with multiple drawers for garment storage and outfit the top with a matching countertop. Place jewelry and decorative items on the countertop so it can double as functional storage and display space. If you want to create a vanity, add a mirror behind the cabinet and use the top drawers for beauty products.

Pantry-style cabinets are perfect for hanging clothes and containing a shoe rack. Match the large pantry cabinet doors with the style of the rest of your bedroom. Streamlined and frosted cabinet door designs are excellent for modern and contemporary styles.

Kitchen Cabinets in Bathrooms

Bathrooms need storage for medicine, dental hygiene products, beauty products, and various other personal items. This makes bathrooms an excellent location for kitchen cabinets to create private storage. Have custom cabinets built for a unique vanity or outfit some upper cabinets with mirrors for an above-the-sink storage solution.

Pay close attention to your bathroom cabinetry hardware as the bathroom’s small space makes each design decision more impactful. Chrome and stainless steel hardware are ideal for modern bathrooms, and ornate knobs work well in farmhouses and transitional homes.

Adding new cabinets and hardware to a bathroom has the advantage of being one of the highest returns on investment renovations you can make to your home.

Kitchen Cabinets In Laundry Rooms

Kitchen Cabinets in Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are the perfect location for high-capacity kitchen cabinets that can store all your home’s cleaning products. Storage is more important than style in a laundry room, so it is advisable to fit in as much cabinetry as space permits.

Tall pantry cupboards can store brooms, mops, and vacuums. Replace open shelving with overhead cabinets containing multiple shelves that utilize vertical space.

Base cabinets and drawers can store various sprays, dusters, and other uniquely shaped cleaning items. If there is space left over, you can always designate a cabinet for emergency dry goods that would otherwise take up space in the kitchen’s cabinetry. Keep the color scheme light so that the area doesn’t feel cramped.

Kitchen Cabinets in Living Rooms

A mixture of kitchen cabinets and open shelving in the living room can create a custom-built entertainment center.

The open shelving holds the television, gaming systems, decorations, and family photos. Support the open shelving with short base cabinets that provide DVD storage without elevating the television to an uncomfortable viewing height.

Opt for glass or frosted glass cabinet doors if you want your entertainment center and living room to feel spacious. Plus, glass doors keep dust accumulation to a minimum, so weekly dusting is unnecessary.

Kitchen Cabinets for Home Offices

Home offices have unique storage needs that kitchen cabinets work well for. Kitchen cabinets with rollout shelving are ideal for storing a semi-frequently used printer or fax machine. Connect some drawers to it for ink, paper, and envelope storage.

Place cabinets and drawers within reach of a swiveling office chair for quick access to work materials. You can even have custom cabinets built outfitted with a wooden desktop for a custom work desk with storage.

Get Custom Cabinets for Any Room

Finding and creating storage space in your home is necessary for a clutter-free and comfortable living space. Consider adding kitchen cabinets to your rooms if you require more storage space.

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