Kitchen Cabinet Considerations

Deciding on kitchen cabinetry is one of the most important decisions when planning a new kitchen or a renovation. There are several things to consider, and the decisions you make often determine the kitchen’s usability and how much it adds to the overall value of your home.

The best course of action is to speak to qualified kitchen cabinetry experts like the professionals at Motor City Granite & Cabinets. Before you speak with our team, here are some things you should take into account so you have a better idea of what you are looking for in your kitchen.

Space and Size

The space available in your kitchen floor plan is a primary concern when choosing new kitchen cabinets. You need to measure the space available for cabinets and walkways.

You may need to place all your cabinets along existing walls or have room for a kitchen island to create more cabinet space. Most base cabinets are 34.5’’ wide and 24’’ deep, with extra clearance needed for doors and drawers. Wall cabinets are often 12’’-24’’ deep and between 9’’-36’’ wide.

When you know how much space you have to work with, your kitchen designer can help you pick custom cabinets that maximize the available space and give you the storage options you desire.

Function and Storage

After you know how much space you have to work with, you need to consider what you will use the cabinets for. Designate which cabinets will have drawers for cutlery and cooking utensils, how large the drawers will be, and where they will be placed in the kitchen.

If you plan to use the cabinets to store pots and pans, ensure enough clearance for the pans to fit with ample clearance for the door to close.

Determine which cabinets will be used for food storage, dish storage, or other uses. List what you would like to store, how large it is, and where you would like it to be in the kitchen.

Appliance Location

Your appliances will be located among, and sometimes in, your cabinets. You need to look for water and electrical hookups to ensure your design allows your appliances to be in the correct location. You also need to ensure everything is properly vented with a range hood or vent fan and that there are no fire or water damage risks.

Woman Opening Drawers-of Kitchen

Style and Hardware

After form and function have been covered, you can consider what styles, colors, and cabinetry designs you would like for your kitchen remodel or installation. This is a matter of personal preference. You should remember that styles, especially hardware, do date, so choosing something timeless and classic helps your kitchen retain its value-add to your home.

Consider if you will use the kitchen for entertaining or primarily for personal use and how your style will work for your chosen function. Keep the style consistent, and adopt a single design theme throughout the kitchen.


Finally, it is essential to choose quality countertops for your kitchen cabinets. Natural stone materials like the quartz and granite countertops from Motor City Granite & Cabinets are durable, high-quality countertops that add style, value, and functionality to any kitchen.

Our team can help you match the color and design of your cabinets to your countertop to create a focal point and a consistent design.

Custom Cabinets from Motor City Granite & Cabinets

A kitchen renovation can be an extremely beneficial home improvement. It can add cabinet space, improve your kitchen cabinet design, and perfect your kitchen layout.

Whether it is simply updating the cabinet doors or a total tear out and rebuild, the kitchen cabinetry experts at Motor City Granite & Cabinets can help you choose the perfect custom cabinets for your new kitchen. Contact us today at (248) 690-9537 to get started.