Pros and Cons of Granite Bathroom Countertops


Granite is a popular choice for bathroom vanity tops and kitchen counters due to its aesthetics and durability. Like marble and quartzite, granite is a natural stone that is the perfect hard-wearing material for bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops.

Granite is an excellent bathroom countertop material because it is stain-resistant, heat-resistant, and serves as a beautiful focal point in the room. However, granite countertops are typically more expensive than other materials. They also require more maintenance and are challenging to install without professional help.

If you are remodeling your guest bathroom or master bathroom, learn the pros and cons of granite countertops, so you know what to expect when considering your choices for bathroom vanities.

Pros of Granite Bathroom Countertops

The benefits of granite stone for bathroom vanity tops are due to their natural stone characteristics. A granite slab is extremely strong and durable, ranking a 6 on the Mohs scale, which rates material hardness on a scale from 1 to 10. This makes it an excellent choice for the daily wear experienced by vanity countertops.

Other benefits of a granite bathroom countertop include stain and heat resistance and eye-catching designs in beautiful colors with speckled patterns.

Stain resistance

Granite is stain-resistant when properly sealed every year. This is extremely important in bathrooms, where products like nail polish, makeup, and toothpaste can leak and stain natural stone countertops. While granite is porous, as long as it is sealed yearly and liquids are not left standing on it, it will not stain.

Place perfumes, makeup, and other bathroom essentials on decorative trays to avoid discoloration or staining your bathroom countertops.

High heat resistance

While heat resistance is more critical for kitchen countertops, it is still necessary for a bathroom counter to handle high heat from hair straighteners, curling irons, and other styling tools. Granite countertops can handle up to 480°F without suffering heat damage.

Although your granite vanity is heat-resistant, you should still avoid placing hot curling irons and hair straighteners directly on it because, over time, it may discolor. Also, avoid placing heavy objects on granite counters because they do not have a plywood backing and may crack.

Varied design choices and color options

Natural stone countertops add charm, luxury, and function to any bathroom, making them a popular remodel choice season after season.

Granite countertops come in various colors and patterns, making them an excellent choice for many bathroom styles. They provide a natural appearance and come in a wide range of color options to match any color scheme, from Santa Cecilia with gray, burgundy, and gold specks and veins on beige to the popular Ubatuba with dark green flecks of gold, black, green, white, and blue.

Traditional and period bathrooms work well with a white natural stone appearance and beveled edge profiles. Dark-colored countertops with a matte finish are perfect for a contemporary bathroom. When used throughout the bathroom, the veined or spotted texture of granite creates a cohesive and distinctive style that impresses guests.

Cons of Granite Countertops

While natural granite offers a luxurious finish for your bathroom, there are several drawbacks. Granite is more expensive than engineered stone alternatives like quartz countertops or ceramic tile counters.

Granite is also extremely heavy and may cost more to ship and install than other counter materials. Additionally, granite requires sealing at least once a year.

Bathroom granite countertop costs

Granite countertops are made from a single granite slab or individual granite tiles. While tiles are less expensive than the slab, both are more expensive than non-natural stone options like porcelain tiles.

Granite slabs are significantly heavier than stainless steel, laminate, or butcher’s block. This may mean you’ll pay an additional shipping charge. Their weight also means that any cabinets underneath the counter will need extra support structures. The Motor City Granite & Cabinets team can help you design and install cabinets to support a luxe granite countertop.

Granite tiles remove much of the cost associated with shipping because they are much lighter than slabs. They are also easier to install and can be laid directly over an existing countertop.

Maintenance considerations

Natural materials for countertops require proper sealing to ensure they are waterproof and scratch-resistant. This is because granite, marble, and other natural stones are porous. Granite countertops need to be sealed once a year or when you notice liquids soaking into the counter rather than beading at its surface.

The granite is more likely to stain when the seal is compromised, and bacteria can grow in it. Other than annual sealing, taking care of your granite is quite simple. A mild dish or hand soap, warm water, and a soft cloth are all you need to wipe down your bathroom vanities daily.


Motor City Granite & Cabinets Has Natural and Engineered Stone

Bathroom countertops are one of the most used surfaces in a home. Whether you decide to go with a granite slab countertop with dramatic veining or an engineered quartz counter, Motor City Granite & Cabinets has a wide selection of choices for your bathroom vanities.

At Motor City Granite & Cabinets, we use our 30 years of combined experience and knowledge in countertops, cabinetry, and granite to bring your dream bathroom or kitchen to life.

Contact us today for more information to discuss your bathroom countertop options. We can help you design a beautiful space whether you desire shaker cabinets, a vessel sink, and a natural stone vanity top for a beautiful custom spa, or are looking for gray cabinets with brass color accents and a hinged shower along with your countertop installation for a budget bathroom remodel.