White Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen

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Finding a suitable material is critical for installing new kitchen countertops in your home. For many homeowners, granite offers their kitchens the ideal combination of style and durability. 

Kitchens are the heart of every home and are used daily for everything from preparing meals to socializing to becoming a makeshift workspace. This means kitchens also incur a lot of wear and tear. 

Factors like heat, moisture, stains, and impacts can take a toll on lower-quality kitchen countertops. So your kitchen countertops need to be made of tough and durable materials that can hold up over decades of use. 

White granite is a timeless option for homeowners to curate a chic, classy look for their kitchens while providing a long-lasting, durable surface.

Learn about the different types of granite available for your kitchen countertop installations, why white granite is often an excellent choice for kitchens, and how Motor City Granite & Cabinets provides reliable granite kitchen installation services

Different Types of Granite

When designing a custom kitchen countertop, there are several varieties of granite to choose from. Each offers its own unique aesthetic properties for your kitchen environment. 

White Granite

White granite is one of the most popular types of granite in kitchens, bathrooms, and other home installations. However, white granite is not always completely or even mostly white. While you can get mostly white granite for countertop installations, many types of white granite feature varying combinations of minerals to create a variety of visual textures. 

A white granite slab might feature other materials such as quartz, calcium, feldspar, and potassium mixed in. This provides beautiful and intricate patterns across the granite’s surface. Some popular white granite patterns include moon white granite, white ice granite, and Andino white granite. 

Gray Granite

Gray granite kitchen countertops often have beautiful, multicolored designs featuring green, blue, red, and yellow shades mixed into a gray background or with gray veins. Gray granite countertops also come in light gray or white and gray colors. 

Brown Granite

Brown granite slabs have a rich, warm vibe that is especially appealing when paired with dark wood furniture or burnt wood coloration in the rest of the kitchen.

Black Granite

Black granite can come in jet-black coloration or with black and white swirls. There is also galaxy granite that features a “starry night” appearance with slight traces of silver, gold, and copper mixed in. 

Ubatuba Granite

Ubatuba granite is a rainbow-colored granite design featuring numerous colored stones blending together in beautiful patterns.

Bianco Antico Granite

Bianco antico granite features a soft gray background with warm colors, particularly pink, mixed in to provide a distinctive appearance.

Why White Granite Countertops Work in Kitchen Designs

White granite works well in most kitchen designs to highlight and complement the overall design and coloration. The light, clean tones of white granite pair very well with stainless steel surfaces on refrigerators and appliances often found in modern kitchens. 

Some homeowners may be hesitant to invest in white granite kitchen countertops because of the fear of stains or damage being too obvious. However, granite kitchen countertops provide homeowners with durable, stain-resistant, and heat-resistant properties that allow you to integrate fresh white colors into your kitchen without worrying about constant cleaning and maintenance. 

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White Granite Colors

If you plan to use white granite in your kitchen, you have a few specific color options to choose from. In most cases, it’s difficult to find pure white granite for kitchen countertops. This is because the mineral composition of granite will always feature a few off-white colors mixed in with the surface. However, this does not mean that you do not have numerous beautiful options to choose from when remodeling your kitchen. 

The flecks of other minerals, such as quartz and feldspar, provide complex and intricate patterns of coloration that can create unique and charming vibes for your kitchen. You can find white granite with white and gray swirls, white and black dotted patterns, and even white granite with brighter and warmer colors. 

One of the best things about white granite for kitchen countertops is that it blends well with various design styles in the rest of your kitchen. If your kitchen has dark wood cabinetry like mahogany or cherry wood, white granite can create a stunning contrast that adds drama and sophistication to your space.

If you want your kitchen to appear bright and airy, white granite is the perfect complement to painted white or light wood cabinetry like pine or oak and stainless steel appliances. The combination of crisp neutrals enhances the natural light in the space, making it appear larger, so white granite is ideal for kitchens in small homes.

Installing Granite Kitchen Countertops

For white granite countertops, installation must work within your kitchen space’s specific layout. After all, your countertop is a convenient spot that enhances the kitchen’s functionality and is a stylish focal point. 

When designing a granite countertop for your kitchen, you should first measure the square footage of the allotted space, taking into account fixtures like sinks, faucets, and dishwashers. A kitchen counter installation professional can help you measure the kitchen dimensions, determine the square foot requirements, and work with you to find the best materials. 

Design specialists will also help you find the best white granite patterns or coloration to match the rest of your kitchen. While this depends on your sense of taste, a design professional will be able to give you great feedback up front on how different shades and designs of white granite will blend in with the colors of the rest of your kitchen and what overall effect it will have in your kitchen’s day-to-day use. 

A Motor City Granite & Cabinets design professional can also help you choose fixtures and hardware to coordinate with your white granite countertops. We carry an extensive range of premium Delta faucets that feature pull-down nozzles with magnetic docking, and Delta® DIAMOND Seal Technology uses a ceramic disc valve with a real diamond coating to last up to twice as long as the industry standard

We also offer luxe Blanco sinks crafted from silgranit, a granite composite. With models including undermount, dual-sink, and apron sinks, there is a perfect sink to pair with your granite kitchen counters. 

Custom Granite Countertop Design and Installation with Motor City Granite & Cabinets

The kitchen professionals at Motor City Granite & Cabinets have more than 30 years of combined experience designing and installing granite kitchen countertops. Call Motor City Granite & Cabinets at (248) 690-9537 for a free quote if you think a white granite countertop is just what your kitchen needs.